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Edtech Explainer Animation

So you’re interested in personalized learning. You’re willing to use a little education technology to get to know your students better so you can help them succeed. What’s next? This Edtech explainer animation explores three basic ideas.

Education Technology Idea One: Reclaim Your Class Time

Present more of your content outside of class—for example, by making videos of your lectures and assigning them as homework. Then use class time for conversations about the subject. This approach is called flipping the classroom.

Education Technology Idea Two: Reclaim Your Homework

If your students do their homework online, there are software tools that can identify patterns that show you trends at a glance, and send you alerts when a student needs your help. These tools are called learning analytics.

Education Technology Idea Three: Hire a Tutor

Software can help students when they are stuck by providing suggestions, extra practice, or alternative explanations. They can help students master the basics and come to class prepared. This kind of functionality is called adaptive learning.


As this explainer animation shows, flipping the class, learning analytics, and adaptive learning are three education technology approaches that you can use in your class.

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