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Edtech Explainer Animation

This animated explainer video explores what happens in an age of Edtech when curriculum becomes data. Consider the revolution in maps. Now that maps have been digitized and locations are data, it became possible to correlate them with other data, like hurricane damage reports or restaurant reviews.

Similarly, curriculum can be cross-referencing it with other data, like time. A syllabus is a timeline that organizes educational content by due date. When feed that information into a digital calendar, we give students the ability to integrate that with other calendar information and take control over their schedules.

In another Edtech example, learning objectives, competencies, and outcomes can break the curriculum down into smaller knowledge or skill goals to form a skill tree. Students can see the concepts and skills they would need to learn to reach each goal. It can be matched up in software with assessment questions, and students could get the equivalent of turn-by-turn directions. Teachers can get information about which students are struggling with which learning goals. And just like with maps, education technology not only gets students from point A to point B, but they can discover real-world applications of the skill they learned.

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