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Presentation Guild to Co-Sponsor 2016 Presenters Network

A couple of years ago a group of presentation professionals decided it was time to establish an association for the whole presentation industry. Something accessible, but professional. Something that would raise the public consciousness about hiring truly skilled presentation designers. A non-profit group without individual agendas. And a group that would support that industry with training, community, advice, and everything else needed to advance the profession in the eyes of the larger industries.

The mission was simple: To promote the presentation design and production industry as a profession, to recognize the skills and expertise of presentation creation specialists, and to provide opportunities for members to expand their knowledge and abilities.

The Guild is now a proud co-sponsor of the Presenters Network, an annual networking event and conference in New York for presentation designers and PowerPoint users. This year, the event will be held on July 19th at the rooftop event space of Russell Tobin, 420 Lexington Avenue. The speakers are all top-notch presentation designers, MVPs and professional experts. And, of course, you'll meet the folks who started the Guild.

You can see photos and videos of past events here and find out more information here. Find out more about the Presentation Guild here. Register at

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