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Presenters Network

Tuesday, July 19, 2016  Russell Tobin, New York, NY

Sponsored by Point Made Animation and Presentation Guild

Marshall Makstein
David Klein and David Grupper
The Chrysler Building
Organizers and Presenters
Presentation Experts
T-Spice with David Grupper
Ellen Finkelstein
Marshal Makstein
Marshal Makstein
Nolan Haims
Nolan Haims
Dan Ecker
Enjoying the View
Rooftop Deck
Point Made Animation
Janis Glaberman with Maisha Walker
Open bar
A word from the host
After-hours fun
PowerPoint Pros
Presentation Designers
Ellen Finkelstein (center)
Mixing PowerPoint and Alchohol
Not all business
David Grupper
Russell Tobin Roof Deck

Tuesday, June 16, 2015  Wix Lounge, New York, NY

Video of Nolan Haims' 2015 presentation

P-Spice offers PowerPoint tips and tricks at the 2015 Presenters Network

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