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David Klein


After "growing up" in his father's ad agency David made a career in illustration. He illustrated such title characters as Spiderman and Batman for Marvel and DC comics, and is the author of the graphic novel The Golem’s Voice.  He has refined his talent for sequential storytelling giving visual direction to many commercials through storyboards.

His illustrations appear regularly on the editorial pages the worlds leading newspapers, including the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, where he developed the ability to translate complex ideas into quickly understood visuals. Along with other New York Times illustrators, he created INXART, an international syndicated library of editorial art.

Bringing the experience of working with preeminent writers and editors to Point Made Animation, David combines product, message, and emotional content to create the right graphic sensibility to tell the client’s story.


Grupper and Klein have worked together on creative projects for decades. They collaborated and co-authored The Paper Shtetl, published by Schocken Books in 1984.


David Klein, (right) and David Grupper
owners of Point Made Animation, work 
with a team of talented professionals.

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