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Testimonials about our animation work


"Point Made Animation was very professional and took care of everything including script, video and music. They really listened to us, and worked with us to understand what we do, and who we we need to reach. Their video spoke to our market in a way that was fun and informative. We’ve gone back for more." —Kenneth Colon, Kids In Sports

"Point Made did a terrific job on a white board animation for my business, Act Professional which offers management consulting services. I was especially impressed with how well Point Made listened to my concerns and how flexible they were in their design choices. The final product is the true measure. They took complex concepts and distilled them into simple, cogent visuals that made them far easier for my clients to understand. Even better, animation makes presenting my services entertaining and memorable. Very much looking forward to using them for follow-on work." —Adam Grupper, Act Professional

"We work in a complex field and needed video content that clarifies some very difficult concepts. Point Made took the time to really understand our field. They worked closely with us so that the material was entertaining and understandable but never simplistic. Our client noted that they’ve been holding hour-long briefings for months and the explainer video nailed the core message in 3 minutes.” —Phil Hill, MindWires


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