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OEI Course Exchange Featured In Video

The Online Course Exchange, developed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI), has recently been in the spotlight, with Fresno City College and Lake Tahoe Community College this month becoming the first to cross-enroll students into courses.

Coinciding with the launch, MindWires Consulting released a video, “Course Exchanges: The Intended Consequences,” that concisely explains not only the course exchange, but the entire OEI program.

As the third in a series exploring the growing use of course exchanges in higher education, the video describes how the OEI’s investment in academic infrastructure should produce benefits beyond just the exchange courses and the students taking them – the “intended consequences” of a statewide collaboration to improve online higher education in California.

Watch the video below, and view the whole series on the e-Literate blog.

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